Jharkhand Governor inaugurated Expo Utsav 2023 at Morhabadi

Ranchi : Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan inaugurated Expo Utsav 2023 at Morhabadi In Ranchi on Thursday. Radhakrishnan said that the entire world has, in a way, become a global village. In this era of globalization, we will have to participate in competition for development. New technologies, new products and innovative ideas that are constantly developing will have to be adopted.

‘Expo Utsav 2023’ organized by JCI, Ranchi is not just an exhibition but also a celebration of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Governor said that so that the people sitting at the last rung of the society can also participate in the phase of development, JCI, Ranchi should go to the villages and make the tribal community also a partner.

The country will develop only when every section of the society develops.

We will have to make efforts for this.

Obstacles may also come, but only those who overcome the obstacles and establish a new dimension for development have a special identity.

Our Prime Minister has an important identity on the world stage as a visionary leader because with his tireless efforts, he has overcome all the obstacles and made India the 5th largest economy in the world.

He has brought the concept of development to the ground.

The Governor said that industrial development creates employment and people get employment.

Jharkhand is a mineral rich state and there is vast potential for development of industries here.

The task of taking the state and the country forward with new thinking, new concepts, new hypotheses and new experiments is on the shoulders of the youth.

Even if you have to struggle to move forward, struggle with confidence.

In this context, he also gave the example of the great artist Rajnikanth, how he has reached this dimension of heights through struggle.

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