Jharkhand government will ensure pension & ration rights to all, appointment process will start on 50,000 posts: CM

Gumla: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that this is happening for the first time after the formation of the state when all the eligible beneficiaries of Jharkhand are being given the benefit of Sarvajan Pension Yojana. The result of abolishing the obligation of giving pension to a limited number of beneficiaries in the past is that till now the deserving beneficiaries of the state deprived of pension are being covered by the Sarvajan Pension Pension Scheme implemented by the government.

The process of connecting all the left out old people, widows, destitute women, Divyangjan, primitive tribes and HIV AIDS victims with the scheme is going on. In this context, more than 7,79,142 beneficiaries have got the benefit of the scheme by the present government. They are being given one thousand honor money every month he said.

Addressing the people in the program Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that before 2020, the deprived people of the state used to talk about giving pension and ration in Jharkhand. After the formation of the present government, requested the central government to make the pension of the old, disabled, destitute women of the state universal but the central government did not get any reply even after a long wait after this the state government took a decision and a law was made to give pension to all.

He said that Jharkhand is the first state in the country to do so where people above 60 years of age will get pension. He warned officers who will not cooperate will be punished. The government abolished the age limit of 40 years fixed for widow pension and 18 years for the disabled so that everyone can get the benefit of pension. He said the government also ensured that pension should be received by the 5th of every month and failure to do so will result in punishment. He said that all the needy will get pension in Jharkhand and none will be spared from this.

The Chief Minister said that the subject related to social security is a subject that is important for Jharkhand as there is a large number of poor, farmers and laborers here. The Chief Minister said that the people here spend their lives in difficulties. Before 2019 people had to go to every nook and corner of the state to know the plight and problems of the people of the state and the government is working today in the same context.

Hemant Soren said that under the employment generation scheme the government is providing loans for self-employment. He said that loans are being given for all types of business work. He said that all the officials should be alert and explain the scheme to the villagers and give the benefit of the Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme to the people of the state.

The Chief Minister said that the government would bear the expenses of the children preparing for the competitive examinations through Chief Minister Sarathi Yojana. Ramdayal Munda had said one thing the speaking of the people here is the song and walking is the dance. Bringing this thing alive, the government will make arrangements to have a temple in every tribal’s house as this will further strengthen the preservation of culture. The Chief Minister said that the problems of all, including cooks, sahiyas working in the state would be resolved.`

He said that everything here is for the public and the government will soon start the recruitment process for more than 50 thousand posts. He said more and more youth should participate in the competitive exam. He said that the government has reduced the prescribed amount of application to Rs 50 so that economically backward youth can also participate in the competitive examination. Minister Dr Rameshwar Oraon said that a green ration card was allotted to the deprived and deserving people from the state fund.

In Gumla, more than 24 thousand people have been linked with green ration cards.  Green ration cards were given to 15 lakh people across the state. In the coming days, five lakh other people will be given green ration cards. The government is also giving dhoti sarees to the needy people and the government is working keeping in mind the poor and needy. The state government took a bold step and passed the Sarna Dharm Code in the assembly and this was done for tribal interest.

Minister Joba Manjhi said that a Young chief minister is handling the reins of the state. She said that the state faced the Corona period despite this, the plans were put on the ground. She said under the Sarvajan Pension Yojana, the work of giving benefits to all the needy started. Instructions have been given to give pension by the 5th of every month. on which work is being done. The government took the initiative to provide scholarships to underprivileged children now the people of the state should also work to make other people aware of the schemes of the government so that everyone can get the benefit from the scheme.

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