Jharkhand Congress fears losing MLAs to BJP

Ranchi (IANS) After facing political storms in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the fear of losing MLAs is now haunting Congress leaders in Jharkhand. Senior Congress leader and Jharkhand minister Rameshwar Oraon said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to break the Congress MLAs. The BJP, however, denies such allegations, calling it a strategy of the Congress to pressurize the Chief Minister.

Oraon said that many of his MLAs were lured by the BJP and an attempt was made to buy them during the Rajya Sabha elections. He alleged that the BJP is constantly trying to lure the Congress legislators.

However, expressing confidence in his MLAs, he said that they are loyal Congressmen and will not go to any other party.

Oraon alleged that during the Rajya Sabha elections, a conspiracy was hatched to form the government by offering money and posts to MLAs.

Congress MLA Irfan Ansari also clarified the situation by tweeting and retweeting from his official Twitter account.

Ansari tweeted, “I would have crossed the river with lies and flattery. But the habit of telling the truth drowned me.”

Ansari has also retweeted a tweet that reads, “Your pain is valid Dr. Irfan Ansari. Rahul Gandhi, what has happened in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the evidence of it will come forward in Jharkhand. Is the MBBS degree not sufficient of a man who carries Congress flag day and night and is educated and straightforward. Matriculation failure is a must. This is the problem of Congress. Change with the times.”

The BJP denies any such allegations. Jharkhand BJP spokesperson Pratul Shahdev told IANS, “There is no value of Congress ministers’ words for the government. In this situation they want to create pressure on Chief Minister Hemant.”

He said that the Congress is a part of the government. If something like this is happening, they should register an FIR and get the matter investigated.

Shahdev added that the situation regarding coronavirus in Jharkhand is getting frightening. In such a situation, the Congress is trying to divert the people’s attention by raising such issues.

However, sources say that many Congress leaders are angry with the government and they have raised questions about the government’s decisions.

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