Tortoise smuggler arrested from Deoghar airport, 39 rare turtles recovered from smugglers, police active on purchase and sale

Ranchi: Police have recovered 39 rare species of turtles from Deoghar airport. At the same time, three smugglers have also been arrested. The arrested smugglers have been kept in custody. 

Police had received information about tortoise smuggling at Deoghar airport coming under Kunda police station area, after which the police became active and arrested three smugglers including 39 tortoises. For the first time such a number of turtles have been recovered from Deoghar airport.

According to Kunda station in-charge Praveen Kumar, the police received information that three people were dealing in illegal purchase and sale of turtles at Deoghar airport. The guard present there suspected it. The guard had kept the three people in check. After this informed the police. When the police reached the spot and searched, 39 turtles were recovered. 

At the same time, after taking all three people into custody, they were interrogated. The police has given this information to the Deoghar Forest Department. Forest Department officials say that three people were working to buy and sell turtles near Deoghar Airport. After knowing about this, the chief guard of Deoghar airport stopped him.

On receiving information from Kunda police station, the police arrested the three smugglers after investigation. The forest department team is interrogating the arrested smugglers. The team of the Forest Department is engaged in the investigation as to where all three were taking so many turtles. The department has freed the turtles. 

The arrested smugglers are Ruby Lal Murmu, Charan Murmu and Viraj Sal Hada. All three are residents of Behrakatta village of Devipur police station area. Superstition also works behind the smuggling of turtles. Many people believe that keeping it at home brings happiness, peace and wealth. Also, it is used in medicines to increase sexual power. There is no scientific basis for the benefits of tortoises. It will not be wrong to say that people have developed so much attachment towards turtles in superstition. Apart from this, its meat is also consumed in some places.

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