Jharkhand BJP President Babulal Marandi writes letter to Chief Secretary for recommendation of CBI investigation on JPSC and JSSC exam Paper Leak Case

Ranchi: JPSC preliminary examination was conducted, in which many reports of paper leaks have come to light. Babulal wrote, in the mail sent to me by some students (in which screenshots are also attached) the paper booklet number and OMR answer sheet number have been found to be unequal and this has been published in all the major newspapers and visual media.

Recently, a similar case had come to light, where a case of question paper leak had come to light in the General Graduate Qualified Combined Competitive Examination-2023 conducted by JSSC in 735 centres across the state for 2025 posts, after which JSSC dated 28.01.2024.

All the shift examinations held on 10th and the examination to be held on 4th February were cancelled due to unavoidable reasons, in this context too, I wrote a letter (letter no. 139/BLM/24) to the Chief Secretary, State Government on 01st February 2024, informing the CBI. He requested for an investigation. Due to repeated cancellation of examinations and incidents of paper leaks, questions are raised on the impartiality of JSSC and JPSC, due to which all the participants are having to suffer the consequences. 

In the last 4 years, the dreams of poor and tribal children of Jharkhand have been made a mockery. The people sitting at the top of power are engaged in serving their own interests and not for the public. State officials also have the same attitude. 

In the last 4 years, no such examination has been conducted in which there was no cheating, irregularities or irregularities. The officers and leaders sitting at the top leadership, who fill their pockets with the money of state money and corruption, have forgotten that their work is public service. To my knowledge, there is no such ineffective, ineffective and disorganized State Service Commission anywhere in the country. I do not understand if an institution, which has been given the responsibility of conducting examinations for the last 4 years, is continuously failing in it. If it is happening then why is he taking a salary in the name of public service.

All officers involved in such criminal acts should be dismissed with immediate effect. Taking cognizance of the above incident, General Graduate Qualified Combined Competitive Examination-2023, conducted by JSSC, will recommend to CBI for investigation against the officers involved in JPSC preliminary examination and such misdeeds.

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