JBVNL asks for Rs 500 crores from Government to buy electricity as load shedding continues in the state

Ranchi: The power crisis that has been going on for the last fortnight is still continuing in the state as a shortage of 300 to 400 MW of power is being recorded in the entire state including Ranchi. Due to this power cuts continue till peak hour morning and late in the evening.

Now JBVNL has demanded Rs 500 crore from the government to get rid of the power crisis. JBVNL MD Avinash Kumar has sent a letter to the Chief Secretary urging him to make the payment available. JBVNL has demanded a revolving fund of Rs 500 crore from the state government.

JBVNL MD has sought assistance from the Chief Secretary regarding this. Officials said that Jharkhand is facing power crisis due to various reasons. 

One of the reasons being Wind power received from Tamil Nadu and sea areas has decreased due to a decrease in wind flow as a result of which JBVNL is getting only 30 MW of wind power instead of 300 MW. Further Power generation from Sikidiri Hydel has stopped since last 15th November.

The reason for this is said to be a reduction in the water level of Rukka Dam. The water has reached 25 feet in Rukka which will be kept for water supply during summer. As per the agreement, Sikidiri Hydel will be given water only when it rises above 25 feet.

Due to this, there was a sudden power shortage of about 130 MW. On the other hand, the hydropower that is being received from the Central Pool is also getting 200 MW less power. There has been a decrease in power generation in the areas of Sikkim and Bhutan due to the decrease in water sources. 

To add to the issue according to the new rule of the Central Government the power of the state is cut if there are huge arrears. Since October 15 Jharkhand has been banned from buying additional power. Not only this the central government has also banned 180 MW of electricity from Adhunik Power.

At the same time, a 10 percent reduction has been ordered in the DVC command area. According to the new rule the central government has created a receipt portal in which the dues are updated regularly. The power consumption requirement in the State is around 2100 MW out of which State’s own power from TVNL is around 400 MW while Inland Power gives 60 MW, DVC 600 MW and Central Bridge about 500-600 MW

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