Maan Ki Baat: PM heaps praise on Library Man of Jharkhand Sanjay Kacchap

Dumka/Ranchi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the library campaign of Marketing Secretary of Dumka Agricultural Produce Market Committee Sanjay Kachhap in his Mann Ki Baat program. Sanjay Kachhap has set up libraries for needy children and youth in various districts of the state in the course of his service and he has also developed many libraries as digital libraries.

Many children are getting benefited from this today. Jharkhand officer Sanjay Kachhap himself had to face a lot of problems in his student life due to a lack of books. In such a situation, he formed a group of students like him bought books and continued his studies and prepared himself for competitive examinations. 

In 2004, he got a job in the Railways. After a few years, he converted the community hall of his village into a library and started small. Later he became an officer in the Agriculture Department of the Government of Jharkhand and then he accelerated his library campaign in the Kolhan region. Many people also supported him. Students started getting a lot of facilities from the libraries established by them. Today, students studying from the same library and preparing for competitive exams are also reaching higher positions.

Sanjay, who suffered the pain of lack of books in his adolescence, started the campaign to establish a library so that other students from poor families like him are not deprived of education. Sanjay Kachhap had dreamt of joining the Indian Administrative Service, but not being able to buy books and a lack of guidance came the way. When he got a job, he decided that he would not let others suffer such a loss. For this, he dedicated time after office hours, every Sunday and holiday for such children and the library.

When educational activities were affected during the Corona period his digital library proved to be a boon for such children. Sanjay Kachhap, who has contributed significantly to set up about forty rural libraries digital library in Kolhan shifted to Dumka in the month of April this year. 

After coming to Dumka, he has established a small library for the students of the Paharia primitive tribe, from career counseling to the welfare department at AN College. LRDC Vinay Manish Lakda has inaugurated it on Constitution Day. They are going to take this campaign to all 31 hostels soon.

Many people are helping him with this. Sanjay Kachhap, who is called the library man said that he himself had faced the crisis of books and that is why he does not want others to face such a crisis. Today children and youth are getting benefited from more than forty libraries and many of them have also gone to jobs. I was not alone in the campaign he said adding that many friends have been together.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised this movement for the spread of education the enthusiasm of our team has increased. We will be able to do our social responsibility in a better way. There are many such people, and there are classes, where there is a need to reach the resources. We are making such classes aware through the library. Many government officials and enlightened people are supporting this movement. The Prime Minister’s message will inspire more people to do such social responsibilities he said.

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