Jagannathpur Rath Yatra from July 6, tender issued for vendors organizing the fair

Ranchi: Tender has been issued for vendors organizing the fair in Jagannathpur Rath Yatra.

Rath Mela is to be organized from July 6 to July 17.

The order issued by the district administration states that 41.27 acres of land around the temple is available for the fair from July 6 to 17.

Applicants should do proper inspection of the fair premises before participating in the tender or filling the application.

The applicant should be registered as Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Company, LLP or Trust and Society.

Besides, it is also mandatory to provide photocopy of the income tax returns of the last 3 years.

The minimum bid to get the contract for the fair will start from Rs 31 lakh.

The fair vendor with the highest bid will be declared successful.

He himself or various shopkeepers under him will be given the right to give permission at his level to set up swings, shops, markets etc. in the fair.

On which the committee will monitor.

It will be the responsibility of the contract taker to make proper arrangements for CCTV and other lights in the fair premises.

Along with this, it will also have to be ensured that the shops or stalls allotted by them are set up only after the prescribed distance from the route of the chariot.

The bidder participating in the contract will have to submit a bank draft of Rs 1 lakh fifty-five thousand in the name of Jagannathpur Temple Trust Committee along with the application.

The successful bidder will have to deposit 50 percent of the total amount through draft within three days.

Along with this, bank guarantee will also have to be given for the remaining 50 percent amount.

After the end of the fair, the remaining 50 percent amount will have to be deposited in the form of bank draft by 17th July, otherwise the committee will get the remaining amount from the bank through bank guarantee.

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