Is Katrina Kaif hugging Vicky Kaushal in new butterfly selfie?

Mumbai (IANS) Rumoured lovebirds Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal have made it to the headlines once again. On Thursday the hashtag #KatrinaKaif started trending on twitter after fans assumed that Katrina has posted a photograph hugging Vicky.

The Bollywood actress has shared a photograph on her Instagram story where she can be seen hugging a person wearing a mustard-coloured shirt. Katrina used a blue butterfly filter on the photo. Only Katrina’s face can be seen in the image.

The photograph went viral on Thursday, with fans using the hashtag #Vickat to refer to the rumoured couple!

Although the face of the other person cannot be seen in the picture, fans have quickly reached the conclusion that the person is none other than actor Vicky Kaushal!

This is because the colour of the unknown person’s shirt in the photo shared by Katrina is similar to the one worn by Vicky in his latest Instagram post.

“Just so happy for my girl! Shes happy.. shes glowing.. shes flourishing! N that shirt pillow n lil butterflies are jus #KatrinaKaif #VickyKaushal #Vickat,” tweeted a fan sharing the viral photo.

“#Vickat feels #VickyKaushal #KatrinaKaif,” shared another fan on the viral photo.

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