Incessant rainfall leads to Waterlogging in capital, RMC comes out with emergency number

Ranchi: Heavy rains in the capital city for the past two to three days have given rise to problems of waterlogging in various areas of the capital giving a tough time to the commuters. 

The water logging turn has been reported in many areas including Buddha Vihar, Argora Talab, Pandara Friends Colony, Maulana Azad Colony, AG Colony, Doranda, Kokar, Lalpur, Bada Talab, Harmu, Bye Pass Road, Dhurva, Morhabadi, Indrapuri, Saket Nagar, New Saket Nagar, Piska More, Hinoo Shukla Colony, Chutia, Ratu Road, Azad Basti, Madhukam, Irgu Toli among others.

Residents of these areas have claimed that complaints regarding the issue of overflowing have fallen on deaf ears at RMC.A local in Indrapuri claimed that he had been a resident here for the past 10-15 years. He had requested the RMC on several instances to work on the issues of water logging and the below-the-level roads but nothing has been done so far.

Youngsters at the Azad Basti said that this happens every year. Nothing has been done on time so far. Maybe after the rain subsides the RMC will wake up and clear the drains. The problem of waterlogging is connected to the issue of drains overflowing. 

Notably, the Jharkhand High Court had earlier questioned the Ranchi Municipal Corporation regarding its treatment of drains in the city as well.

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