Impartiality of Lokpal gives it the form of an institution: Mnrega commissioner

Ranchi: Inaugurating the workshop organized for the Lokpals appointed under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Mnrega Commissioner Rajeshwari B said that the post of Lokpal is not a post but an the institution where people have to register complaints as per rules and laws.

She said that the impartiality of Lokpal is what gives it the form of an institution. All Lokpals have to discharge their responsibilities for which understanding every aspect of Mnrega as well as in-depth knowledge of the role of Lokpal is necessary, she said.

The Commissioner informed that in the three-day workshop organized at the Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), the newly appointed Lokpals were informed about the provisions of act and rights of labour beneficiary, functions and responsibilities of Lokpal, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for grievance redressal under Mnrega.

Information about social audit, Right to Information Act, complaint registration and redressal in Lokpal office and principles of social justice and natural justice will be given. She said that this workshop would be very helpful for the participants in understanding the nuances of Mnrega and Lokpal Directory.

While encouraging all the Lokpals she said that they should become role models by discharging their excellent responsibilities. They should patiently listen, examine and decide the problem or complaints like a judge. Approve the punishment if deemed necessary she said and asked the Lokpals to conduct maximum field visits.

In his welcome address, Joint Secretary, Rural Development Department Arun Kumar Singh said that the aim of the department is that the implementation of the schemes should be completed in a transparent manner and the benefits of the government
schemes should reach the beneficiaries.

All complaints received related to Mnrega should be promptly executed by the Ombudsman of the concerned district. He asked to inspect the site of the schemes so that there is always transparency in the work.

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