IIM Ranchi felicitated hockey players Salima Tete, Nikki Pradhan, and Sangita Kumari

Ranchi : The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi hosted the triumphant Women’s Asian Championship 2023 hockey team as part of “Amrit Kaal – Vimarsh: A Development Dialogue in the Campus of Higher Education Institutions in India,” featuring the esteemed Hockey Players from Jharkhand, including Salima Tete, Nikki Pradhan, and Sangita Kumari.

The event commenced with an inspirational address by the esteemed director, who underscored the paramount importance of women’s empowerment and set a profoundly auspicious tone for the proceedings. Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Director of IIM Ranchi, extended a warm welcome to the players on behalf of IIM Ranchi, proudly hosting the public unveiling of the championship trophy winners. He conveyed his best wishes for their continued success in their future endeavors. 

Salima Tete shared insights into her journey since her debut in 2017, elaborating on her background and the unwavering support she received from her parents and senior, Nikki Pradhan. She emphasized the value of wholehearted dedication, a commitment that culminated in her being named the player of the tournament during the championship match.

Nikki Pradhan provided further perspectives on the notion that success is a result of sustained hard work, not a product of immediate gratification. She drew motivation from the dedicated support staff and stressed the importance of both physical and mental strength in pursuing a career in sports. Additionally, she highlighted the instrumental role of the railway in their collective journey.

Sangita Kumari concluded by sharing her personal story, revealing her humble nature by mentioning the gifts she bought for her entire village. She took pride in representing India and stated that her current position was attained through relentless dedication and hard work.

An engaging Question & Answer session was followed which allowed enthusiasts to inquire about their remarkable journeys and daily motivations. The athletes explained that inner honesty, mental resilience, and mutual support were crucial elements in their ongoing success.

This symposium proved to be a pivotal platform for substantial discourse, facilitating the exchange of intellectual insights and advancing discussions on critical matters within higher education, with a special focus on the empowerment of women.

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