If Congress comes to power, farmers to get justice, Rahul has announced – JPCC President Rajesh Thakur

Ranchi:  Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee (JPCC) President Rajesh Thakur said, Farmers started Delhi Chalo March on 13 February from Shambhu border of Haryana. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi announced that if Congress government is formed in the country, we will implement the legal guarantee of MSP as per the Swaminathan Commission report. This decision of Rahul has been welcomed by Jharkhand Congress State President Rajesh Thakur.

Rajesh Thakur said that what the Central Government did with the farmers on the Delhi border yesterday, the memories of the dark days of British rule became fresh in the minds of the countrymen. The people of the country are clearly seeing this cowardly act of Prime Minister Modi.

Rajesh Thakur further said that change in the economic life of farmers helps in changing the destiny of any country. Today, thousands of farmers in India are committing suicide due to not getting fair prices for their crops. But the central government is not thinking at all about this terrible situation.

Thakur said that Congress has always stood with the farmers, the poor and the oppressed. Understands their pain and suffering very well. Rahul Gandhi has announced for justice for the farmer class in the first phase of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

Similarly, the Congress, which is struggling for justice for various sections of the society, will not only make the announcement in a phased manner but will also implement it immediately after coming to power. Rajesh Thakur said that the country is run by the Constitution and not at the behest of the capitalists in power. 

At the behest of their capitalist friends, the abbots in power in the central government are making every effort to crush the farmers, the backbone of the country. But Congress stood with the farmers in every struggle earlier also and is standing with them even today.

He said that the farmers who have been struggling in the country for a long time will definitely get justice. Rahul Gandhi has announced this. He said that Congress is a supporter of the farmers’ struggles.

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