IAS Manish Ranjan reached ED office interrogation started

Ranchi: IAS Manish Ranjan reached ED office on Tuesday.

ED officials started interrogating Manish Ranjan and Alamgir Alam by making them sit face to face.

In the tender commission case, ED had sent summons to IAS Manish Ranjan on May 22 and called him to the ED office for questioning on May 24.

But he did not appear before the ED.

He had sent a Revenue Department employee as a special messenger with the letter to the ED office.

In the letter, Manish Ranjan had demanded three weeks’ time.

However, ED did not give him three weeks’ time.

After this, ED sent a second summons to Manish Ranjan on 25th May and called him for questioning on 28th May.

Manish Ranjan has reached the ED office on the second summons of ED.

Minister Alamgir Alam, his OSD Sanjeev Lal and Jahangir, accused of money laundering related to the tender scam, were interrogated.

In the investigation so far, senior IAS officer Manish Ranjan’s big role in this case has come to light.

After the confession of these three, ED wants to interrogate Jharkhand Government Rural Development Department Secretary Manish Ranjan by making him sit in front of Alamgir Alam.

Not only is this, in the investigation done so far, the role of many influential people also coming to light in this entire scam.

ED has so far arrested department ministers Alamgir Alam, Sanjeev Lal, Jahangir Alam, Chief Engineer Birendra Ram, CA Mukesh Mittal and others in the tender commission embezzlement case.

ED had arrested Alamgir Alam after interrogating him for two consecutive days.

Currently he is in ED custody.

ED officials are interrogating him.

After the arrest of many people associated with the Rural Development Department, ED has got a lot of evidence, due to which new revelations are continuously being made.

It has been revealed that accounts of alleged commission embezzlement were kept in an Excel sheet, in which Manish Ranjan’s name was also there.

On the basis of that, Manish Ranjan has been called for questioning.

ED had revealed in the court that everyone from officers to ministers used to take commission in the tenders of the Rural Development Department.

During the raid at the house of Alamgir Alam’s PS Sanjeev Lal and his personal assistant Jahangir Alam, ED had found stacks of currency notes.

After which ED arrested both of them.

After the arrest of both, ED sent summons to Minister Alamgir Alam and called him for questioning.

ED officials arrested Alamgir Alam after interrogating him for nine hours on 14th and six hours on 15th May.

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