I-Day Celebrations CM says Culture of taking everyone together is the base of Indian Nationalism

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the culture of taking everyone together is the base of Indian nationalism where there is no place for hatred and separatism. Addressing the 76th Independence Day function at the historic Morhabadi Grounds of the state capital he said there is a need to move forward on the path of progress with progressive thoughts along with conserving the rich cultural heritage.

In his message to the youth, he asked them to use their positive energy for building a new Jharkhand. “I have full faith that together we will be successful in building a prosperous happy and developed Jharkhand,” he said. The Chief Minister said that due to unbalanced development and playing with nature, the entire world is grappling with global warming and ecological imbalance.

However, he said that the rich tradition linked with Jal Jungle and Zameen and way of living by striking a balance with the environment shows the way for the entire human race the true path of how life should be led. He said that after Independence the policymakers of the country decided to move forward on the ideals of a welfare state and offered his salute to Father of the Constitution Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar who made herculean efforts and ensured constitutional safeguards for the tribals backwards and dalits so that their living standard could raise high and they too get their due rights.

Quoting Baba Saheb he said that nationalism can be only realised when the differences of caste creed and colour are set aside and social brotherhood is accorded the top spot. He said that great martyr Shaheed Bhagat Singh said that struggle will continue in India till a time handful of exploiters for the fulfillment of their vested interests will continue to exploit the labour of the common people. 

Hemant Soren said that it is true that in 75 years of Independence the tribals backwards and dalits have been socially economically and politically have been strengthened but still today they are far from being part of an equitable society. “We can not achieve this target unless we are able to stop the exploitation of the person another person.

“ The Chief Minister said that after the formation of his government it was decided that a Jharkhand will be built as per the dreams of the bravehearts of the state and will make strong and honest efforts to fulfill the dreams for which a separate state of Jharkhand was created. He said that his government was following the mantra of ‘Vikas Mool Mantra, Aadhar Loktantra’ and is making dedicated efforts to make a strong state.

Continuing further he said that Jharkhand’s performance in the innovation index has improved and it has moved up several places and is also in a better position than many states in cleanliness standards. On the basis of the report of the National Family Health Survey, there has been a significant reduction in infant mortality rate, malnutrition and anemia prevalent among women and children in the state he said adding that better healthcare and care has now been ensured in the state for our newborns and expectant mothers.

While cutting down of trees and forests has reduced greenery in many states the state has registered an increase of 110 square kilometers in the forest area between the year 2019 to 2021, performing better in the field of forest conservation he said adding that Roads, rail routes, airways and waterways have expanded in the state. There has been an up-gradation in the level of education and health in the state.

All these are indicators of progress on the path of development of the state. On the other hand, ensuring employment for the youth and migration of workers still remains a challenge for the state he said adding that his government has constituted the “Employment of Local Candidates in the Private Sector of Jharkhand State Act, 2021”.

Under this Act, every employer shall employ local candidates for 75 per cent of the total vacancy of posts carrying a monthly salary of up to forty thousand rupees. 

On July 16, 2022, about 11 thousand local youth have been given offer letters for appointment in the offer letter distribution ceremony for the announcement and appointment of local planning policy in the private sector and this decision will prove to be a milestone in providing employment to the local youth within the state and preventing migration, he said. He said that It is true that in the present situation we cannot completely stop the migration from the state, but in the event of calamity the government is trying to provide all possible help to the migrant workers.

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