Hone your chef skills by logging into these 5 platforms

New Delhi (IANSlife) In the last one year, especially during the pandemic, the demand to empower home chefs saw an upsurge with new and innovative players entering the space making an exceptional growth on virtual platforms. Some who were already prominent in this space saw extraordinary growth considering everybody wanted to hone their chef skills.

Check out these 5 platforms which can help refine your chef skills:

Your Food Lab

After being a Food Producer for MasterChef India, Mumbai-based Sanjyot Keer started Your Food Lab in 2016 which has garnered millions of views on the internet. For chefs, creating content in social media has become a win-win situation as the platforms can be seen flooded with varieties. Today, no doubt Your Food Lab is the most loved food video channel with easy and interesting recipes.


Foodism, a 2019 foodtech company that has brought together verticals like a Wholesome Food magazine, a website and an Instagram handle covering from great food to nutrition and more! They have a recipe sharing platform for members to come together and share their love and knowledge of food. It is also a one stop shop for food lovers and professionals and the only platform to incentivise content creators (recipes, lifestyle, health, wellness, blogs — both video and posts). Foodism is also coming up with a mobile and web application that allows users to interact and network for business

Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Singh’s YouTube channel called Kabita’s Kitchen has 10.4 million subscribers. Kabita gave up her banking job to look after her son and since she had time she decided to pursue her passion for cooking. Kabita’s aim is to keep the recipes simple so that everyone can cook. She posted her first YouTube video on November 2, 2014, and her channel has grown rapidly over the years.


Roposo ‘TV by the People’ is an Indian social media platform that allows users to express, connect, and interact with the world. With its channel Hungry TV, people can curate cooking videos, upload them and learn a variety of dishes from the uploaded videos. It has tools which create realistic videos with music, voice-over applications and GIF stickers.

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