Hemant launches mobile app to provide monetary assistance to workers trapped outside

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has announced that the state government will identify all the workers who are trapped outside the state within a week and provide them with monetary assistance.

Addressing a function after launching a special mobile app at the project building he said that the money will be directly transferred in the account of the beneficiary through DBT. He said that atleast Rs 1000 will be provided. He said that under the special scheme efforts will be made to reach to all the trapped workers.

He said that the state government was working with the aim to provide monetary assistance in the accounts of the workers within a week by using the mobile app. He said that since the starting days of the lockdown the state government through its limited resources is trying its best to provide relief to the people. He said that in the first phase of the lockdown itself the state government had established coordination with other states to provide them with dry ration.

The Chief Minister said that in the crisis caused due to Coronavirus the government was working with sensitivity towards the need of worker, labourers, dalits and poor. He said that it is the poor and the workers who have been most hit by the lockdown and pointed that since in search of jobs people had gone to other states therefore they got trapped due to lockdown and since the period of lockdown has increased therefore their problems has increased however the state government was trying its best to help the needy.

Hemant said that the situation in the entire country was bad. He said that for the benefit of the people at panchayat level and also at the block and district level community kitchens have been started by the government where the poor are being served food free of cost. He also heaped praise on the different organisations who have come forward to help the needy in the time of the crisis and thanked them for feeding the poor.

The Chief Minister said that the mobile app will be a milestone for the workers which has been prepared exclusively for the workers who are trapped outside. Moreover the app will be also used by those who do not have smart phones and even if one person has a smartphone in the group than all can register themselves on the app.

Cabinet Ministers and senior officials of the state government were present on the occasion.

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