Hemant government is connecting the needy with schemes by promoting local language

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren often says on various occasions that today many states of the country are included in the leading states with their tradition, culture and language but in Jharkhand local languages were not given importance.

This is the reason why Jharkhand remained backward and people could not get 100 percent benefit of the schemes of the government. If they were informed about the schemes in the local language and there was communication with them in the local language, then people would definitely get the benefit of the scheme. 

On the initiative of the Chief Minister, all the officers and employees of the state have now started their dialogue with the word Johar. The government is promoting local languages. The government has started this effort to give information about the schemes of the government and its benefits to the maximum number of people.

Recently, information about 100 units free electricity scheme has been publicized in Hindi, Nagpuri, Ho, Santhali, Mundari and Kudukh languages so that people can get benefits with the information of the scheme. 

Recently, at the Civil Services Day function, the Chief Minister had said that the officers and officers to be posted in Jharkhand should have knowledge of the local language so that they can convey their message to the people in a meaningful way and communicate with them. If this happens, people will easily understand his words and follow them. 

The Chief Minister has also directed the Chief Secretary to take appropriate steps in this direction. In order to promote the use of the local language, it has been decided to conduct classes in government schools from class one to fifth in Santhali, Kudukh, Mundari and Khadiya. Under the pilot project, it has been started in West Singhbhum, Sahibganj, Lohardaga, Khunti, Simdega and Gumla, so that children can get mother tongue-based education.

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