Hemant Directs to complete 15,000 Km roads reconstruction and new construction in one year

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren held a review meeting of the latest work progress of the Road Construction Department and Rural Development Department at the Chief Minister’s Residential Office in Ranchi on Wednesday. CM gave directions to the officials and asked them to complete the schemes for the construction of new roads and reconstruction of old roads in the state on time.

The Chief Minister directed the officials that the Rural Development Department should complete the reconstruction work of 15,000 kilometers of roads in the state within the next year. CM Soren said that especially in rural areas, roads, bridges, and culverts which are in dilapidated condition should be repaired on priority.

Focus primarily on road construction work in rural areas. The Rural Development Department should speed up the construction work of roads that connect important institutions such as block headquarters, community/primary health centers, railway stations, bus depots, colleges/schools, panchayat offices, various hot markets, health sub-centers etc. Prepare a software waste mechanism for the roads to be transferred from the Rural Development Department to the Road Construction Department. 

The Road Construction Department, along with the Rural Development Department, should prepare a software-based methodology for building network roads and increasing their number and marking. The Chief Minister said the Rural Development Department should stop the practice of manual toll tax at the toll tax centers established on the roads and implement Fastag service compulsorily.

Good and quality road construction priority of the state government The Chief Minister said it is the priority of the government to make quality and good roads in the state. No laxity will be tolerated in the quality of roads.

At the time of making the road, it must be ensured that the materials used including stones, and chips are checked. Make sure to use new technology wherever needed. There will be no shortage of funds for road construction work. Speed up the DPR and tender process for reconstruction and repair of new roads and old roads. Upload the photo and video of the road, marked for reconstruction works in the software compulsorily. The Chief Minister said an approach for roads must be constructed even in villages with low populations.

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