HEC Employees facing food scarcity, medical treatment from ESI also stopped

Ranchi: The condition of Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC) and its employees is getting worse day by day. The plight of the employees has increased so much that they and their family members are in dire straits even for food and drink. Not only this, in case of serious illness, the facility of getting treatment from ESI also stopped. HEC has not received salary for 18 months to the officers and 14 months to the workers. DA has also stopped.

All facilities including food, water and ambulance have been stopped in the plant. Narayan Sharma, father of Kundan Sharma, an employee of Heavy Machine Tools Plant (HMTP), has been ill for the past several days.

Ongoing to ESI hospital, he was diagnosed with cancer during treatment. ESI’s surgical doctor referred him to Tata Trust’s cancer hospital. But the ESI registration worker said that the money is not being deposited by HEC, due to which they cannot be referred.

Worker Kundan Sharma said that even 14 months’ salary has not been received and when ESI was needed the most, that too did not work. Now he is getting his father’s treatment done at Tata Trust’s cancer hospital with his own money. While his financial condition is not good. There is no other option either. 

HMTP worker Mo Aslam said that life has become derailed due to non-payment of salary for 14 months. He is surviving by taking out a loan. The family members are able to get food only half the time. He added, I have been unable to even pay the school fees of my children. Can’t understand how to give a better life to the family members.

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