Heatwave continues to create havoc in Jharkhand

Ranchi: The rising temperature and heatwave continue to create in Jharkhand.

The maximum temperature of all the districts of the state has reached more than 41 degrees, while in the capital Ranchi, the maximum temperature reached 41.6 degrees celsius. It was the hottest day ever in 2022. The maximum temperature of Medininagar was 45.8 degree celsius and that of Jamshedpur was 44.6 degree celsius.

As per the information received from the Meteorological Department, the situation is likely to remain the same while from April 30, mainly in the north-eastern region of Jharkhand, a change in the weather is possible. The sky will remain cloudy and there may be light rain at some places.

On the other hand, Life has been badly disturbed by the heat as it has become difficult to walk even on the streets.

According to the weather station, a cyclonic circulation has formed from Eastern UP to Assam via Jharkhand and Bihar, which is likely to be active from April 30 and will have an impact on Jharkhand. In Ranchi in the year 1999, the maximum temperature reached 42.6 degree celsius on 30 April.

Moreover, people of the capital are also worried about the power cuts. In April itself, the mercury has crossed 40 degrees. The power cut from above has made people miserable. At the same time, about half of the electricity is being supplied continuously to the grids. Due to this, power cuts continue unabated from day tonight.

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