Health minister Banna Gupta recommends suspension of RIMS doctor

Ranchi: State health minister Banna Gupta has recommended suspension of a senior doctor of RIMS CTVS department, Dr Rakesh Choudhary and has asked to withhold one month salary of RIMS cardiology department head Dr Prakash Kumar.

Health minister Gupta took the action during his visit to RIMS in the capacity of a special guest of a three-day free heart check-up camp. He took action at the cardiology department after addressing the programme and had long interactions with doctors there.

Before taking the action Gupta reprimanded all the doctors and senior management officials in turn and attempted to resolve the discord between the hospital management and the doctors. After the development, Dr Prakash and Dr Hemant Narayan of the cardiology department were involved in a heated argument at the cardiology department main gate and medical superintendent Dr Hirendra Birua had to handle the situation.

RIMS sources said the suspension of Dr Choudhary was recommended following complaints of acceptance of Rs 40,000 for treatment from a patient who had come from Hazaribagh and direction to withhold one month’s salary of Dr Prakash was given following complaints of private practice by him.

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