HC dismisses oldest petition in connection with 6th JPSC

Ranchi: In the oldest case related 6th JPSC exam the double bench of the Jharkhand High Court on Wednesday dismissed the petition. The High Court gave the verdict while hearing the petition filed by Rahul Kumar. In this petition, the resolution of the government had been challenged after the preliminary examination. Now the petitioners will challenge this decision in the Supreme Court.

After hearing in the bench of Chief Justice Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad, the petition of the 6th JPSC case was dismissed. The petitioners Rahul Kumar and others had filed a petition in the High Court on April 19, 2017, challenging the increase in the number of candidates passed due to the rules of the State Government and had demanded the cancellation of this resolution of the Government.

During the hearing in the double bench of Jharkhand High Court, advocate Shubhashish Rasik Soren on behalf of the applicant and advocates Sanjoy Piparwal and Prince Kumar on behalf of JPSC presented their side before the court. Based on the arguments the High Court dismissed the petitioner’s petition.

The candidates who are constantly staging a movement against the sixth JPSC case, say that now the case will be challenged in the Supreme Court. Candidate Anil Panna said that the Rahul Kumar case is the oldest case in the sixth JPSC case, in which the additional result was challenged against the rules of the advertisement, which was dismissed by the High Court. At the same time, the candidate Raj Kumar Minj said that after the dismissal of the petition from the High Court, now the matter will be challenged in the Supreme Court very soon.

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