Governor participated in ‘Karam Mahotsav’ at Ranchi University

Ranchi: Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan participated in the ‘Karam Mahotsav’ organized at Ranchi University, Ranchi on Monday.

He said that “Karma Puja,” also known as ‘Karma Parv’, is an important festival celebrated in our state, which reflects the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the country and is passed on from one generation to another. Just as a banana tree leaves behind a young sapling, this festival also helps in preserving the cultural heritage for future generations.

He said that our culture is very vibrant. People of different religions, communities, languages and cultures live here. Our country presents a unique and excellent example of unity in diversity. The Governor said that this festival reflects the deep and unbreakable relationship between nature and humans. Our tribal brothers and sisters are true protectors of nature. The awareness of protecting nature is in their heart. They respect nature and give the message of its conservation to the whole world.

He said that today the whole world is facing various environmental challenges due to global warming, in such a situation Karma Puja sets a better example for the whole world.

On this occasion, the Governor sought blessings for the prosperous future of Jharkhand and wished for everyone’s prosperity.

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