Governor CP Radhakrishnan addressed 4th ICC Education Conclave on Implementation of NEP 2020 in Higher & Technical Education

Ranchi: Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan addressed the program and said that the great Indian space scientist Dr. Kasturirangan.

On the recommendation of the commission constituted under the chairmanship of Kasturirangan ji, the National Education Policy 2020 was presented to the nation by the central government according to public opinion.

Before presenting this education policy, suggestions were also taken from various educationists and researchers from all over the country.

Before presenting this education policy, Macaulay’s education system was being followed, which was creating obstacles in our country becoming self-reliant.

We were not able to overcome the mentality of slavery and were not able to bring about the necessary changes for the development of the society.

He said that the Prime Minister deserves a lot of congratulations for taking initiative towards the creation of a new National Education Policy and for providing such an effective education policy to the nation as per the aspirations of the people.

The Governor said that the objective of NEP 2020 is to bring a positive change in the education scenario of the country, this is possible only when the human potential is fully developed.

Their theoretical knowledge should be combined with practical knowledge.

That’s why importance has been given on technical education, research and research in this education policy.

Attention has been paid to regular workshops and training programs for students and research scholars.

Skill-oriented education has been promoted in the higher education system by integrating education with technology, which encourages students to develop versatile skills.

In this way, the chances of getting suitable employment after studies will increase and new industries in the country will be able to get manpower according to their skill requirements.

Students will also be able to do innovative work according to their skills.

The Governor said that our India was formerly known as an important education centre for the whole world.

Nalanda, Vikramshila University had set high standards in various fields of education and research. We have to regain that glory again and establish India as Vishwaguru again.

We are making steady progress in this direction.

From developing the vaccine of Covid to supplying the vaccine especially to the developing countries, India has shown its technical capability as well as the spirit of world-fraternity.

He said that the purpose of education is to build a better society and develop national consciousness by promoting human values.

The new National Education Policy will definitely create an innovative workforce and ensure the progress of the nation.

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