Government to give Rs 2700 crore subsidy for 125 units of free electricity in Jharkhand

Ranchi: Champai Soren government has played a master stroke to help electricity consumers across the state.

Now the state government has decided to provide 125 units of free electricity to about 30 lakh consumers of the state.

This proposal can be placed in the cabinet meeting to be held on Friday.

Jharkhand State Electricity Distribution Corporation has also made full preparations to provide 125 units of free electricity.

For this, the state government will give Rs 2700 crore as subsidy to Jharkhand State Electricity Distribution Corporation.

At present, electricity consumers of Jharkhand are getting 100 units of free electricity.

In lieu of this, the state government is currently giving Rs 2300 crore as subsidy.

At the same time, the interest on the security deposits of consumers is Rs 65.41 crore.

Whereas the return on equity capital is Rs 524.14 crore.

Whereas in order to get 125 units of electricity free for 30 lakh consumers, additional expenditure will be incurred on purchasing 110 crore units of electricity.

Creation of dedicated cell for power portfolio management and demand forecasting tools is being implemented under the World Bank programme.

Conversion agreement with DVC (from consumer mode to PPA mode) will reduce the cost by about Rs 29 crore per month.

All Category Consumers will be allowed a rebate of 0.5 per cent in the bill amount for timely payment.

To increase revenue collection efficiency, mobile applications, online payments, e-wallets, 4500 Pragya Kendras, 440 Post Offices, 190 ATP machines and BBPS The facility has been made available.

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