Government puts Rs 350 crore in the account of Mnrega workers

Ranchi: The government is trying to make sure that no one should go hungry during a global pandemic like Covid-19.

At the level of the government, not only the people coming from outside but also the labourers working under Mnrega are being taken special care and this is the reason why the government has put Rs 350 crore in their account as wages.

Mnrega Commissioner Rajeshwari B said that Rs 350 crore was pending in the wages of Mnrega workers of Jharkhand and continuous efforts were being made for this by the state government as Jharkhand had not received this amount till now.

However, she said that the central government has released the sixteenth installment of this financial year in form of Rs 791 crore in wages head and from this it has been directed that the amount due earlier which is Rs 350 crore in wages head should be paid as soon as possible.

In the light of which money has been deposited in the account of all the labourers.

The central government has increased the wages of Mnrega workers from Rs 194 to Rs 198. ¬†After this, the Jharkhand government is paying Rs 27 more to workers from the state government’s exchequer which means workers are getting Rs 225.

The Mnrega commissioner called upon the employees and officials associated with the scheme from the district to the block level to provide maximum necessary facilities to the people in view of Covid-19.

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