Government making efforts to keep the tribals traditions and culture alive says CM

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Thursday said that the state government is making continuous efforts to protect and enrich the traditions, arts and culture of the tribal community. As part of the efforts, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for the beautification of Sarna Sthal located in Siramtoli which would be executed with an investment of Rs 5 crore.

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Minister said that the state government has taken a pledge for protecting all the Sarna and Masna spots of the state so that the coming generations can be informed about their historical importance. He called upon the people to inform the state government if they think that any festival spot is worth developing and assured them that the government will take steps in that regard.

He said that the tribal system is one of the oldest systems in the world however in the present materialism filled world the tribal community has lacked behind a bit in establishing coordination but for the rights of the tribals, the central and the state government have formed separate tribal development ministry which is continuously working for the upliftment of the tribals.

The Chief Minister said that the tribals like to live with nature and are worshippers but for the sake of progress there is a need to establish coordination between nature and development as when nature will survive then only the tribal society and culture will survive. Hemant Soren said that if one would make an analysis of the tribal community since the ancient ages it will emerge that there is no lack of self-belief and strong willpower in them and they are event today following their own path and due to this festival places like Sarna Sthal work to tie people together.

Many MLAs and other members of the tribal community were present on the occasion.

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