Government is working with mission and vision: Raghubar

Ranchi, Dec 28: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that his
government was working with mission and vision to realise the hopes
and aspirations of the people which were associated with the creation
of a separate state of Jharkhand and is also taking everyone together
on this journey of development.

Addressing the press on the occasion of completion of three years of
power at his residence here he said as 2018 approaches time has come
to reflect on the works of the past and prepare also for the future.
He said that during these three years the problems which were
inherited have been solved and a strong foundation has been laid for
massive development of Jharkhand. He said that the people of the state
had voted for good governance and development and the government was
bound to fulfil their wishes.


Mr Das said that unemployment was a big challenge before the
government which it converted into an opportunity and after
announcement of the domicile policy 1 lakh youth have been given jobs
in the state with 95 pc of these being locals and by June 2018 another
50,000 jobs would be provided. He said that in the villages a network
of cottage and small scale industries would be laid which would not
only improve the rural economy but would also help to check the
migration problem.


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