Government is committed to empowering the tribals economically, socially, educationally, intellectually and politically – CM Hemant Soren

Saraikela – Kharsawan: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said, this is not a martyr’s place, but a place of inspiration for the tribals.

This is where we get the strength to unite and move the tribals forward.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren was addressing a tribute meeting organized in the honor of the immortal brave martyrs of the Kharsawan firing incident at Kharsawan in Seraikela-Kharsawan district today.

On this occasion, he paid tribute to these brave martyrs by garlanding the Martyr Memorial (Shaheed Bedi) at Shaheed Park and the Martyr Memorial at Veer Shaheed Kerse Munda Chowk.

The Chief Minister said that if we turn the pages of history, we will come to know that tribals have a long standing relationship with struggles.

The tribals continuously protested against the British from water, forest and land.

The tribals gave their all in the movement for separate state of Jharkhand.

Countless tribals sacrificed everything in these movements and struggles.

Today we are moving towards building the Jharkhand of the dreams of those martyrs.

The Chief Minister said that the tribals were always ignored.

Our policy makers did not show much seriousness towards their development, welfare and welfare.

This is the reason why tribals remained weak and backward economically, socially, educationally, intellectually and politically.

Our government is committed to empowering and strengthening the tribals.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is a state which is identified with the tribals.

Yet, marginalization of tribes continued throughout the last two decades.

Our government started organizing a grand program on Tribal Day to give recognition to the tribals and their civilization, culture and tradition on the world stage.

I assure you that in the coming days, its event will be so grand and spectacular that tribals from all over the world will come to Jharkhand and add to the glory of this event.

The Chief Minister said that there are some elements in the society who are trying to break the tribal society.

Sometimes there are attempts to uproot the tribals from water, forests and land and sometimes there is tampering with CNT and SPT.

The tradition, civilization and culture of the tribals are also attacked. But, you have formed this government.

In such a situation, we will not allow any kind of tampering with the dignity and self-respect of the tribals.

Whoever tries to break the tribal society will be given a befitting reply.

He called upon the tribal society to remain united.

The Chief Minister said that our government is giving their rights and entitlements to the tribals with full respect.

We are all aware that tribals fall in the category of most backward and poor.

In such a situation, the government is continuously making efforts to make them stronger and stronger.

We are being given jobs to the families of those who martyred for the country and the state.

Whatever work needs to be done in the interest of tribals, we will definitely complete it on priority basis.

Emphasizing the importance of education, the Chief Minister said that if the tribals want to progress, they will have to get good education at all costs.

When tribal children and girls, after getting education, go to engineer, doctor, judge, lawyer, officer or any other big position, not only will they develop, but the entire family and tribal society will also be empowered.

Our government has come up with many schemes for the education of tribal children.

Through these schemes, they are being provided with studies, preparation for competitive exams, and financial assistance for doing various courses and 100% scholarship for higher education in foreign countries too.

The Chief Minister said that the roots of our government are very strong.

Because you have formed this government.

This is your government.

In such a situation, taking care of you is our top priority.

The people of Jharkhand no longer need to worry about anything.

Because, the government is continuously taking steps for their welfare.

With the cooperation of all of you, we will be successful in changing the picture and destiny of Jharkhand.

The Chief Minister said that our government is not running from Delhi and Ranchi but from the village.

We are strengthening the rural economy because only by strengthening the villages can strengthen the state.

The Chief Minister said that now the government schemes are reaching the people sitting in the last row of the society.

Your problems are being solved at your doorstep through the program “Aapki Yojana – Aapki Sarkar – Aapke Dwar”.

The officers with whom you used to visit their offices repeatedly to meet them, are today reaching your home and giving you the benefits of the government’s welfare schemes.

Our government has worked to change the system.

Because of which today officers are discharging their responsibilities and accountabilities with full sensitivity.

The Chief Minister said that no one cared about Jharkhand for the last 20 years.

Despite having all the resources, Jharkhand remained a backward and poor state.

But, ever since our government was formed, we have been continuously working towards taking Jharkhand forward. Jharkhand will become 25 years old in the year 2025.

In such a situation, we have taken steps towards strengthening this state.

We will create a Jharkhand which will stand on its own feet and will not need help from anyone.

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