Government has failed to provide jobs to the migrant workers: Pratul

Ranchi: State BJP Spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo has accused the state government of failing to protect the rights of the migrant workers of the state.

He said that to provide jobs to the migrant workers the state government had announced the launch of three schemes namely Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, Neelambar Peetambar Jal Samridihi Yojana and Veer Shaheed Poto Ho Khel Vikas Yojana, however, these schemes have just remained on paper.

He said that if the government would have properly executed the schemes or would have tried to provide jobs to the migrants on the basis of their skills than the workers would not have been thinking about returning back. He said that even the task of skill mapping of the migrant workers is not complete. Pratul demanded the government to take immediate steps for the betterment of the migrant workers.

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