Government announces incentives for people who would help accident hit victims

Ranchi: Every year in Jharkhand more than 5,000 road accidents take place in which more than 3,000 people end up loosing their lives however in the previous year due to the lock down which was imposed in wake of Corona pandemic the number of incidents and the people loosing their lives was recorded very less.

As per government record till October 2020 a total of 3,366 road accidents took place in which 2,294 people lost their lives and most of the victims were youth hangover the present state government has shown sensitivity over the matter and has come out with Jharkhand Good Samaritan policy so that people can come forward to help the accident hit victims and as per the policy the people who would be extending help and taking the accident victims to the hospital they would be provided incentives.

In Jharkhand the death rate among the accident hit victims is higher and it is often seen that when an accident happens on the road nobody comes forward to help the victims as mainly the people who help the victims are troubled by the police but now the state government has come out with rules to protect such good individuals. It is important that in the first 60 minute if the accident victims get the medical aid then it it can reduce damage however despite the people willing to take the injured to the nearest hospital they refrain from such acts due to police and being scared of the legal procedure involved but now this will not happen as to encourage the good acts the state government has come out with Jharkhand Good Samaritan Policy.

As per the new policy it will be also the responsibility of the government personnel and peoples representative to help the accident victims on the road. The government has decided that if any person helps the accident hit victim to reach the hospital within one hour of the incident they would be getting Rs 2,000, if two people take the injured to the nearest hospital then both of them will be given Rs 2,000 each and if more than two people bring an injured to the hospital then they would be given Rs 5,000 which would be equally distributed among them.

In case the police conducts an enquiry related to an accident it would be depositing Rs 1,000 in the bank account of such a Samaritan person, further the police will not force the good Samaritan to reveal their identity and they will be not stopped unnecessarily at the hospital after bringing the accident victim and will be also not troubled for questioning by the police. If in special circumstances they have to appear as a witness then least number of summons will be issued.

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