Ghost haunts Ranchi Civil Court premises, the sound of anklets heard in the night

Ranchi: Payal’s voice starts being heard after 12 midnight in the building of Ranchi District Bar Association where thousands of lawyers gather throughout the day.

Sometimes the shadow passes in front and sometimes there is a sound of opening of the door.

The shadow of ghosts is hovering in the Ranchi Civil Court premises, we are not saying this but a person who has worked there has said this.

He has continuously shared his experience through dot in.

There is an invisible force in the bar building located in the Civil Court, whether hearing the voice is an illusion of the mind or the truth, it is a matter of investigation.

But after hearing the sound of anklets in the dark of night and hearing the sounds of doors opening and closing despite the bar building being empty, an employee has resigned from his job.

In his resignation, that employee has clearly written that unnatural incidents are happening in the Bar Bhavan (Civil Court Campus).

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