Gangster Aman Srivastav caught by Jharkhand ATS from Maharashtra

Ranchi: In a major success for the Jharkhand Police in its crackdown against organised gangs and criminals Aman Srivastav has been nabbed in a joint operation of state and Maharashtra ATS.

Briefing the press Jharkhand DGP Ajay Kumar Singh said police was committed to curbing organised crime in the state. He said that Aman Srivastav was involved in various crimes were companies in mineral resources and economically rich districts were active. He said that Jharkhand ATS and Maharashtra ATS have done a wonderful job in this operation and ADG Operations played an active role.

The DGP said the first case was registered in the year 2015 against Aman Srivastav and a total of 23 cases are registered against him including two of murder. He said that after his arrest the other members of the gang would be soon nabbed and activities of his gang would be curtailed. He said that Aman Srivastav was active in Ramgarh Ranchi and Palamu.

The DGP said that Jharkhand ATS was working on the case closely in the last three months during which it emerged that he was collecting extortion from coal traders in Jharkhand despite shifting his locations across different states.

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