From bliss to battles: 5 series that depict strained marital bonds

New Delhi (IANS) From infidelity and communication breakdowns to deep-seated secrets and emotional upheavals, here are some shows that offer an unfiltered view of the complexities within marriages. Exploring the stormy seas of troubled marriages, each narrative is gripping with raw emotions and thought-provoking dilemmas faced by couples.

Made In Heaven
‘Made in Heaven’ is a critically acclaimed show by Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, and Alankrita Shrivastava that delves into complex issues, including the turbulent relationship of Tara (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Adil Khanna (Jim Sarbh). Their seemingly perfect marriage shatters when Adil’s affair with Tara’s best friend Faiza (Kalki Koechlin) is exposed. Despite the betrayal, Tara and Adil attempt to salvage their relationship, only to uncover deeper underlying problems in their marriage.

The series explores the intricacies of love, trust, and self-discovery, painting a vivid picture of human complexities and the pursuit of happiness in the face of adversity. ‘Made in Heaven’ streaming on Prime Video takes viewers on an emotionally charged journey filled with compelling characters and thought-provoking dilemmas.

The ‘Made In Heaven 2’ series will premiere from August 10 on Prime Video.


It revolves around celebrity author Arya Iyer (R Madhavan) and finance manager Shruti Sharma Iyer (Surveen Chawla), who find their love fading after years of marriage. Determined to co-parent their daughter Rohini (Arista Mehta), they seek an amicable divorce and choose to live together. In a unique twist, they organise a Decoupling Party/Ceremony in Goa to celebrate their new chapter and redefine the meaning of separation. As emotions run high, the couple faces nostalgia, laughter, and heartache, discovering that love can endure beyond romance.

‘Decoupled’ streaming on Netflix is a heartwarming tale of family, growth, and finding strength in unexpected ways.

The Married Woman

It follows Astha (Riddhi Dogra), a devoted wife and mother, living a tranquil life with her husband Hemant (Suhaas Ahuja). Everything changes when she encounters Peeplika (Monica Dogra), an artist who inspires Astha to recognise her true value. Astha comes to realise that her marriage revolves around her self-centered husband Hemant. Fueled by her newfound self-worth, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, navigating inner turmoil.

The series explores the transformation of a dutiful wife into a courageous woman. Through Astha’s story, the show delves into the complexities of marriage, societal beliefs, and the empowerment of women. The Married Woman is a compelling portrayal of one woman’s evolution, exposing the impact of gender roles and the challenges it poses in a marriage. It is streaming on Zee5.

Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta

In this audio series ‘Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta’, marriage takes an unexpected turn when Rudra Rai Chauhan is forced to marry Anya after his original bride flees. Unwilling to accept the forced union, Rudra creates tension in the relationship from the start. For Anya, who values relationships deeply, this journey is a difficult one, as she refuses to succumb to the coerced situation. Can Anya overcome her painful past and cope with this compelled relationship?

Will Rudra look beyond money and power when dealing with Anya? As they navigate this unexpected bond, can they make the compelled relationship work, or will circumstances tear them apart? It is available on Pocket FM.

Married Woman Diaries Phase 2

It takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride as Shweta and Rishi navigate the second phase of their married life. With the arrival of their bundle of joy, Bani, they find themselves caught up in the whirlwind of parenthood, leaving little time for each other. Their attempts to reignite their passion fail, pushing their marriage to the brink. Now, an external threat becomes the catalyst they need to confront their challenges and rediscover the love that brought them together. It streams on SonyLiv.

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