Four cubs of tigress died in Ormanjhi Zoo

Ranchi: Four cubs died in Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park located in Ormanjhi, Ranchi. When mother tigress Gauri turned on her side, the cubs got buried under her. According to Sources, tigress Gauri had given birth to 4 cubs for the first time. Gauri gave birth to one cub on the night of 10 May and three cubs on 11 May. After the birth, the cubs got buried under the tigress when she turned on their side.

“All four died due to respiratory system collapse. After the post-mortem, all four cubs were burnt in the crematorium inside the zoo. Gauri tigress is fine now” said ,Om Prakash Sahu of Ormanjhi Zoo. The zoo management was continuously monitoring the cage in which the tigress was kept through CCTV cameras.

Despite this, the occurrence of such incidents raises questions on the management. According to the zoo management, all the cubs had come very close to the mother. When the mother turned over, all the newborns got buried under her and all of them died due to suffocation.

When the management got information about this, the personnel went inside the cage and removed the tigress from the children. By that time it was too late. Tigress Gauri was brought from Bilaspur in 2018. The tigress had given birth to four cubs for the first time. All the children were normal and healthy. The eyes of tiger cubs open on the 15th day of birth.

In such a situation, usually the mother takes care of the children and feeds them milk. But while turning, the tigress lay down on her cubs. Due to which all the children died due to suffocation.

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