Five elephants died due to electrocution in East Singhbhum 

East Singhhum: Five wild elephants died due to electrocution in Musabani forest area of East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Elephants died due to electric shock of 33 thousand volts. According to locals, the incident occurred on Monday evening.

According to Panchayat head Ishaq Bakhala, the villagers had heard the sound of elephants trumpeting at around 6 in the evening, but that day no one went towards the forest due to fear. When the local villagers gathered courage and went to collect wood from the forest the next day, they saw five elephant’s dead. The villagers also made public the photographs of the dead bodies of the elephants.

Among the five elephants who died in this accident, there are three children, one male elephant and one female elephant. The reason behind the death of elephants is the negligence of the forest department. In the Upper Bandha forest, there is a 33 thousand volt wire just 11 feet above.

A trench was dug in the forest a few days ago and the mound of soil was left lying nearby. The elephants were trying to cross this path by climbing the earthen mound when this accident happened. It is said that the female elephant became a victim of electrocution. His children were walking holding their legs and trunk due to which they also got electrocuted.

The female elephant tried to save them and was also killed. This herd of elephants was in this area for many days. They were seen in many villages around the Musabani forest area. The forest department was aware of this but due to negligence and neglect these elephants died.

To prevent elephants from entering rural areas, villagers kept driving away elephants from their respective areas. Farmers of the Musabani area were also worried. Elephants are continuously damaging the crops of village farmers. If action had been taken on the complaint of the villagers and the elephants had been sent to the forest, the lives of these five elephants would have been saved.

This is not the first time that elephants have died due to electric shock. Last time also the negligence of the forest department had come to light. Another female elephant has died in the Baharagora assembly constituency of East Singhbhum district. On November 1, a female elephant had died due to electric shock, while this second death is also suspected to be due to electric shock.

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