SPG takes charge of security for PM Modi’s meeting in Ghatshila

Ghatshila: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the public meeting at Tamra Pratibha Manch ground located in Maubhandar of Ghatshila block of Jamshedpur Lok Sabha constituency at 11 am on Sunday. Regarding Modi’s meeting, the entire Moubhandar area including the meeting venue of Tamra Pratibha Maidan has been transformed into an impenetrable fort. Even a bird cannot be killed. Police personnel have been deployed at every nook and corner.

SPG has taken control of the area from the helipad site at the Golf Club ground of Moubhandar to the meeting place. Before Modi’s arrival, a mock drill was conducted with the PM’s carcade from the helipad at the Golf Ground to the meeting venue at 2 pm on Saturday. During the mock drill, a convoy of police officers was included at the front and the VIP car number 1 to 10 in the middle, in which the PM would sit.

According to police sources, 7 IPS level officers are involved in the security of Modi’s meeting, including Zonal IG Akhilesh Jha, Kolhan DIG Manoj Ratan fourth, SSP Kishore Kaushal, City SP Mukesh Lunayat, Rural SP Rishabh Garg, Railway SP Praveen Pushkar, Sundhashu Jain will be deployed in security.

Apart from this, about 2500 soldiers along with more than 350 police officers have been deployed for security from many districts of the state. The stage is being given a grand look for the PM’s meeting. Heavy police force has been deployed at every place in Moubhandar regarding Modi’s meeting. Both men and women will be put on duty during the meeting. However, no information has been received yet as to how many people will sit on the stage with Modi.

After landing at the PM Narendra Modi helipad, barricading has been done on both sides of the Moubhandar main road while going from DB Gate to the meeting place by vehicle. Perhaps we can reach the meeting place by greeting the people standing on the roadside. After that it will be taken to the green house specially built for the PM. After getting ready, the PM will directly climb on the stage.

The entire Maubhandar is being decorated like a bride for Modi’s meeting. The work to repair the route through which Modi will come has been going on a war footing since Friday. Along with the road to the Company Hospital, the road to the Moubhandar Sports Club Ground is being blackened. Regarding this, people say that they wish Modi had come first.

During the PM’s meeting, the common people will be allowed to enter the pandal at Tamra Pratibha Maidan only through the entry point of the gate on the east side. The work of making the entrance on Saturday is going on at a fast pace. It is said that people will start entering the grounds from 8.30 in the morning. People entering the gate will be allowed entry only after police verification. 

Regarding PM Modi’s meeting, a medical team has been formed from the district level under the leadership of Civil Surgeon Jujhar Manjhi. There are a total of nine doctors in this team, who will be deployed from the helipad to the meeting venue. Wherever there is a need, immediate medical facility will be available.

Food safety officers have reached Maubhandar two days in advance regarding the PM’s meeting. The Prime Minister’s breakfast is being arranged in his presence. Sources say that juice, tap water, dry foods and mineral water have been arranged for the PM’s breakfast. Only after examining all this, breakfast will be served to the PM.

On Saturday, BJP members held meetings throughout the day regarding Modi’s meeting. During this time, a strategy was decided on how to take the crowd to the meeting place. About one lakh people from the entire Lok Sabha constituency will be brought by buses and other vehicles. Its responsibility has already been handed over to the workers.

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