Financially empowerment of women is priority for state government: Aalamgir Aalam

Ranchi: Jharkhand Rural Development Minister Alamgir Aalam said that financially empowering women is the priority of the state government. He said that the government is working towards empowering women. As a result of this, the participation of women is increasing in every field be it, women public representatives or SHGs, women workers or women mates.

He said that the government is committed to providing equal opportunities for women’s health, education, equality, self-employment and self-reliance. In the program organized on International Women’s Day week, he honored women mates and beneficiaries. Minister Alamgir Alam said that for women’s empowerment, it is necessary that the participation of women should be increased in every field.

The participation of women is necessary for the development of any society, country and state and the Rural Development Department is running many programs to ensure the participation of women, so that their economic and social upliftment can take place. Many such programmes are being run continuously by the department so that they can be connected with self-employment so that there is happiness in their life as well as they become self-reliant. Women should become financially strong, this is the thinking of the government.

He said that no development can be imagined without the upliftment of women’s power in society. The development of a woman means the development of an entire family and therefore every section of society should make an active and meaningful contribution towards the upliftment of women.

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