Finance Minister inaugurates Hi Tech library in Ghaghra

Gumla: Finance cum Food Supply Minister Dr Rameshwar Oraon inaugurated the hi-tech library built in Gumla’s Ghaghra block premises and also distributed mini tractors and different types of agricultural plants among the Tana Bhagat women’s group.

In the program, the Minister also distributed the assets worth about three and a half crore rupees for agricultural equipment and KCC. Addressing the Tana Bhagats, farmers and villagers present on the occasion, the Finance Minister said that the main objective of the program is to connect the Tana Bhagats with agricultural equipment and employment oriented scheme. He called upon Tana Bhagats to become a partner of development by using distributed agricultural machinery.

He interacted with women farmer Tetri Tana Bhagat in Kudukh language and encouraged Tana Bhagats to join the welfare schemes of the government and become a  partner in development. He said that with the formation of Tana Bhagat Authority the government is running several schemes for their development. Finance Minister D Rameshwar Oraon said that Tana Bhagats are a symbol of non-violence who had played an important role in liberating the country and they still stays away from liquor this is the biggest achievement of them.

About 200 Tana Devotees have been given Prime Minister’s housing benefit. The Finance Minister said that the coalition government under the leadership of Hemant Soren is a government that gives benefits to the poor and takes them forward. He said that the government is working on every aspect for the upliftment of the poor.

Dr Rameshwar Oraon praised Gumla Deputy Commissioner and said that opening libraries in the blocks is a very noble deed, opening of libraries in Ghaghra block will benefit the boys and girls a lot and communication will be established together and they will be benefited in many ways. He said that the Deputy Commissioner’s work in Simdega before Gumla has also been commendable.

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