Finally, the Evidence behind Super Ingredient for Hair Care

New Delhi (IANS) So many solutions to hair care problems. Everyone has their own take and theory. We have all heard our grandmothers tales on the multiple benefits of coconut oil for hair care, but where is the proof? Lo and behold, here it is.

Ground-breaking Research:

For all of you suffering from hair fall, here is the answer that you have been looking for.

Coconut Oil reduces hair fall in many types of hairloss conditions by more than 50% as compared to unoiled hair. As per a bona fide TRI Princeton USA study, it was found that coconut oil prevents protein loss (due to hair wash or environmental factors) by more than 50%, and this has a direct & commensurate bearing on reducing hair breakage and hair fall. The study examined the effects of coconut oil, with half hair oiled and half unoiled. With the proof lying in the pudding, it was clearly established that coconut oil plays a critical role in hair fall reduction.

A Notch above the Rest:

In the same study, coconut oil revealed strengthening and nourishing effects to reduce hair loss by penetrating into the deepest point of the hair shaft to prevent protein loss (one of the main culprits behind hair fall). This is the diffusion mechanism of coconut oil, which means it is the only oil that seeps into the hair fibre’s cell membranes. All other oils pale in comparison. Not only will it protect, it will strengthen.

The X Factor:

Ever wonder what makes coconut oil the king of hair care? We have the answer for you. The secret ingredient in this case, is not love, but Monolaurin. Otherwise only available in breast milk, Lauric acid is exclusively available in its natural form within coconut oil. This magic potion is known for its medicinal healing powers. But for you, it’s right there in abundance within your coconut hair oil. With its highly stable properties and unique chemistry of 90% saturated fats, coconut oil works as a highly effective hair shield. Its powerful ability can be witnessed even as it prevents breakage, in spite of added stress to hair.

Among the many oils out there, coconut oil has the ability to offer SPF protection to your hair, to ensure minimal UV damage. As your step out to enjoy the vibrancy of summer outings, a good sunscreen for your skin and coconut oil for your hair is many a times all that you need to stay safe. Complete penetration equals complete protection.

A Shield from Surface Pollutants:

Pollutants damage hair in a very fundamental way once they enter the hair strand, they generate free radicals and these free radicals wreak havoc on the protein bonds in the hair, making hair strands weak and brittle, eventually leading to hair breakage and hair fall.

But the beauty of coconut oil lies in its ability to provide a dual two-level protection — one from the outside and one from the inside — like a fail-safe mechanism. The first level is achieved by ensuring a protective coating or layer around the hair strand which prevents harmful pollutants from entering the hair strand and causing damage to it.

The second level of protection gets activated inside the hair strand — since coconut oil penetrates the deepest, even if there are some pollutants which do manage to get inside the hair strand, the abundant natural antioxidants present in coconut oil prevent any free radical formation and ensure that no pollutants can damage the hair strand from the inside.

The scientific community now unanimously agrees on the superiority benefits of Coconut Oil and the results are really for everyone to notice. Coconut Oil truly is the most advanced elixir for hair — ensuring growth & nourishment from within while at the same time promising best damage protection and repair.

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