Feathered eyebrows? Here’s how you can get ’em

New Delhi (IANSlife) The 2021 photo-ready brow look of the year is ‘Feathered eyebrows’. Light and fluffy brows that enhance the natural face structure and at the same time give you fuller-looking eyebrows is the beauty trend to watch out for this season. Chandni Goyal, Makeup Artistry, Anastasia Beverly Hills, decodes how to achieve the feathered look in 5 simple steps:

* Golden Ratio Method: Map out the perfect shape of your eyebrows using the 3-step patented technique — The Golden Ratio Method from Anastasia Beverly Hills that helps in determining where your eyebrows should begin, end and arch. As per The Golden Ratio Technique, your eyebrows should begin directly above the centre of the nostril, end where the bottom outside corner of the nostril aligns with the outside corner of the eye, and arch from the centre of the tip of the nose aligning through the centre of the iris.

* Freeze your brows: Next, try to set your brows using a spoolie and Brow Gel or Brow Freeze to comb the eyebrow hair upwards. Brow Freeze is an extreme-hold colourless styling wax that lifts and holds brows in place for a feathered effect. You can also use any natural clear soap as a wax to and hold the brows.

* Fill in the gaps: Use your eyebrow pencil or Brow Powder Duo to fill in any gaps, use a lighter colour in front part and darker shade to fill in the rest of the brows for a naturally textured look.

* Stroke it: Next, use a Brow Pen to mimic natural soft hair-like strokes. The super fine-tipped detailing pen helps in creating natural-looking brow hair effortlessly. Brush it again for blending the strokes with natural hair.

* Highlight: Finish the look with the Pro Pencil on your brow bone to highlight the feathered texture of your eyebrows and to conceal stray hairs.

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