E-pass must from May 16 to travel within and outside districts

Ranchi: In wake of restrictions that have been imposed in the state as part of health safety week it is a must that people travelling in private vehicles inside and outside the district must carry the E-pass.

The pass can be obtained from epassjharkhand.nic.in in which the person will have to register their mobile numbers and share the details of travel. The pass is mandatory if one wants to travel from one district to another, wants to travel from one area of the district to another and all the private vehicles and taxis coming from outside of the state also should carry the e-pass.

However, for travel related to medical assistance and participating in last rites, there was no need for e-pass, commercial vehicles including tempos, e-rickshaw, vehicles going out of state, vehicles belonging to Government of India and Jharkhand Government,  vehicles passing through the state do not need the pass.

For all the people who would be coming in the state from outside for them 7 days of quarantine is mandatory and they should get themselves registered at www.jharkhandtravel.nic.in. 7 days of home quarantine is also compulsory for train and air travellers and during this period the guidelines issued by the Health Department will have to be followed.

However the 7 days mandatory quarantine will not be applicable to airline staff, people involved in mining, construction, industry, agriculture, health care staff who travel every day from other state or those who plan to return from Jharkhand within 72 hours.

The drivers of private vehicles, taxis, tempos and e-rickshaw should wear masks and gloves, they should keep spray sanitizers and sanitised their vehicles before and after the journey and even masks is compulsory for travellers.

People above 65 years, those battling other diseases, pregnant women, children below 10 years have been suggested to remain in their homes.

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