Famous builder Neeraj Sahay shot himself, Police investigating the matter

Ranchi: Builder commits suicide by shooting himself in Ranchi.

The incident took place in Hinoo located in the Doranda police station area.

Hearing the sound of gunshot on Thursday morning, the family members immediately arrived.

After the arrival of the police, he was admitted to the hospital but the doctors declared him dead.

Neeraj Sahay was a famous builder of Ranchi.

The information as to why he committed suicide is not available yet. Regarding the incident, Doranda police station in-charge Anand Kishore said that Neeraj Sahay shot himself at his residence in Hinnu.

This accident happened around 8 am on Thursday morning.

Immediately after Neeraj’s suicide, the family informed the police.

The family members said that he had kept the door closed from inside and when the family members went towards his room after hearing the gunshot, the door was closed.

When the police somehow opened the door, they found Neeraj’s body lying inside.

His licensed pistol was in his hand.

Family members said that everything was fine till late at night.

Looking at Neeraj it did not seem that he was under any stress.

He was also interacting well with everyone in the house.

No one has the answer to what happened suddenly that he committed suicide.

Police investigation is revealing that he had suffered a loss in his business, although the extent of the loss is not yet known.

The police are investigating this entire matter.

The FSL team has also examined the entire room.

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