Even in the rainy season, the thirst of the people of the capital is being quenched by tanker

Ranchi: Half of the rainy season has passed, but most of the reservoirs of the city have not been filled yet.

The condition is that the month of August is about to come and the state has received 49 per cent less rainfall so far.

Because of this, till now water is not coming from the boring of many areas of the city.

These borings and wells have been dry since the month of March, but water has not returned to them yet.

According to the information received from the corporation, currently 30 percent of the city’s population is dependent on tanker water.

Compared to last month, the demand has now decreased by 70 percent, but the situation has still not improved. Perfect Solution, an agency working for the corporation, said that since June last year, people had stopped ordering water tankers. But this year, the demand for hundreds of tankers of water is coming every day.

The month of August is about to come, yet the worst condition is in those areas which had become dry zones during summer.

There is still a water crisis in many major areas of the city including Vidyanagar, Ganganagar, Bariatu, Harmu.

Here people are still living their lives depending on tankers.

The people of these areas say that in July last year, water started coming in full pressure from the boring of the houses, but this time water is coming out drop by drop, while at other places water is coming with less than half the force.

Due to which only drinking water is coming out.

At the same time, for the rest of the work, one has to depend on the supply of water.

In the summer, free water was supplied by the Municipal Corporation from 350 tankers every day in the city.

In the areas where there was the scarcity of water in summer, the situation is still the same.

According to the information received from the corporation, at present 220-230 tankers of water are being supplied from 60 tankers.

Till a few months back, 350 tankers of water were supplied daily with the help of 70 tankers.

At present the maximum water crisis is in Ward-25, 26, 27, 28 and 34.

With this, the water level has not come up in many areas of the city.

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