Elephant electrocuted to death in Jharkhand

Ranchi, Aug 14 :An elephant was electrocuted to death in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district on Monday , police said.

According to Police elephants was electrocuted to death Dhalbhumgarh of East Singhbhum district as the trunk touched the 11000 volt wire. The elephants suffered electrocution pain for more than 45 minutes and died. According to villagers the elephant could have been saved if medicines could have been given.

In Jharkhand more than 25 elephants have been electrocuted to death in past few years. The low height of 11000 volt wire is said to be the reason of the electrocution.

IN another development a herd of elephants damaged more than six houses in Malhaan Panchayat of Latehar district. The villagers saved their lives by escaping from the village.

More than 700 people have been killed by the rampaging elephants in Jharkhand after creation of the state in 2000.

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