Durga Puja concludes as devotees bid adieu to Goddess with prayers to wipe out Coronavirus

Ranchi: Durga Puja came to an end across the state with the immersion of idols of the Goddess across the different river bodies during which the devotees prayed to Maa Durga to wipe out Coronavirus.

In the state capital of Ranchi, idols were immersed at Bada Talaab, Chadri Pond and other ponds and dams. Prior to that, the women performed the ritual of Sindur Khela. From Durga Badi the idol of Goddess was taken out on the shoulders of the devotees for immersion.

Though in wake of Coronavirus the state government had barred participation of the people in the Puja that did not prevent the devotees to reach their nearest water banks to catch the glimpse of the idols and seek blessings from Maa Durga.

The devotees prayed to her that when the next year this festival would be celebrated the world would have become free from Coronavirus. Unlike previous years the immersion procession with bands and songs and music did not take place any where in the state.

In the state capital also the iconic Ravan Dahan was not organised at the Morhabadi Grounds nor it was held at the Argora grounds. In most areas, the idols were immersed before the evening sky set in.

The state government in wake of Covid-19 had not allowed the construction of big pandals or elaborate electric decoration to prevent the spread of the disease. The people too preferred to remain indoors and performed the Puja, however between Mahasaptami to Mahanavmi rush of devotees was seen at the temples dedicated to the deity and other places of worship where the norm of social distancing was also set aside.

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