Dry run of Corona vaccine held across three centres in Ranchi

Ranchi: Dry run of vaccination of Corona vaccine was held in capital on Saturday.

The rehearsal was done on 25 staff of the Sadar Hospital during which rehearsal was done for pre vaccination and emergency post the vaccination.

During the dry run Civil Surgeon Vijay Bihari Prasad, State vaccination officer Dr Ajit Kumar and WHO surveillance medical officer Dr Anup Razak kept an eye on the entire operation.  For two hours the dry run programme was held at the hospital.

As part of rehearsal the guard at the entry gate had names of the people who were supposed to get the vaccine and after matching the names the person was allowed inside. In the waiting hall the people were made to seat by following social distancing and after matching their names the same was updated in the Covid portal and after the vaccine was given again the name was updated in the portal. After keeping the patient for 30 minutes under observation of doctors they were allowed to go home.

Not only that apart from three rooms in the hospital an emergency room was also set up which had oxygen supply and other facilities so that incase of an emergency the patient could have been tackled. At that room a doctor along with three nurses were stationed and an ambulance was also kept outside on alert mode.

During the dry run process DC Chhavi Ranjan himself reached the Sadar Hospital and collected necessary information from the Civil Surgeon.  He later inspected the three rooms and also interacted with the health staff. He said that the dry run for vaccination was successfully organised.

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