Drunkard man killed by wife and daughter

Palamau: In Palamu, wife along with her daughter murdered her husband. The case is related to the dead body of Surendra Sao alias Videsh Sao, who was found in a well two days ago in Bhalogadi village of Tarhasi police station area. Surendra’s wife had told the police that the cause of her husband’s death was falling into the well while intoxicated.

When the police investigated, it was found that Surendra always used to beat his wife and daughter after drinking alcohol. Both were upset by this and killed him. Tarhasi police station has arrested his wife Chinta Devi (42) and her daughter Pooja Kumari (19) on charges of murder of Surendra Sao. 

The wife and daughter had mixed poison in the Mahua liquor kept in the house to kill Surendra. When he died on September 5 after drinking poisonous liquor, the mother and daughter hid his body in the firewood kept in the house.

To hide the incident, after keeping the body in the house for a day, the body was thrown into the well on the late night of September 6 when the villagers were asleep. Lesliganj SDPO Alok Tuti said that the deceased was said to be missing since September 5.

On the morning of September 7, Surendra’s body was recovered from a well in the field of Bhuneshwar Saav, a short distance from the house. When his wife’s words became suspicious, the police investigated it thoroughly.

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