Doors of Durga Puja pandals open for devotees Ranchi under the shadow of Covid

Ranchi: The doors of all the Durga Puja pandals have been opened for the devotees following which the people have also started reaching the pandals to pay their obeisance to the Goddess. This time also the signs of Corona are clearly visible in the puja pandals. The grandeur for which the pooja pandals of Ranchi are known this time is completely missing. Barring a few puja pandals, the radiance of every place has faded. From the point of view of security, preparations have been made by all the committees but according to the committees this time it is expected to be more than ten times then the last year. In such a situation it can be difficult not only for the officials of the Puja committees but also for the district administration to control these crowds.

This time eco-friendly products have been used in the construction of the idol along with the pandal. Along with Corona this time pollution has also been taken care of as in Bakri Bazar Puja Committee the idol has been prepared using eco-friendly colors and soil while the entire Puja pandal of Ranchi Railway Station Puja Committee has been
prepared in an eco-friendly manner.

Through the statue, an appeal has been made to save people from the corona epidemic. The pandal which has been made by Ranchi Railway Station Puja Committee a message has also been given to liberate the state from Corona here in every corner of the pandal the figure of an owl is depicted, which is the vehicle of Lakshmi. President of the committee Munchun Rai said that through this he is praying to bring back the happiness and prosperity of the people of the state. Efforts have been made to make small pandals unique as following the instructions of the district administration no puja committee of Ranchi has given grandeur to the pandal but an attempt has been made to make the small pandal attractive and unique.

Under this Rajasthan Mitra Mandal is providing a live vision of the universe using LEDs this time. This time in RR Sporting Club, the fine workmanship of bamboo has been done the workmanship has been done in such a beautiful way that it is attracting the people. This time, keeping in mind the social distancing barricading has been done 5 feet before the statue. There is also a system of social distancing and sanitization. In order to follow the rules of social distancing, barricading has been done in all the puja pandals at a distance of about 5 feet from the idol. Apart from this, a circle has also been made. Along with this, all the committees have also procured sanitizers in sufficient quantity.

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